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The Elite Elect #85

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 3, 2014, 12:15 PM

"The Elite Elect #85"

Fade by LordSkizz
Drive by Corvidae65 Karamuk by RezzanATAKOL
Abysmal by Draken413o Alexandra #2 by gcaphoto Chiaroscuro by DebaratiDas
Snow Bound Barn by INTOtheRFD Haus der Kulturen der Welt I by calimer00 mostar VIII by roblfc1892
 ...sarajevo III... by roblfc1892 Gatto Gotico BN by OliverJules The Dying Ways - still kicking by fuxs

sensual by chillione Long way by 9dZign without a word by chillione
On a foggy day by torobala Lust by Firebloom shadows theater - The lantern by bwiti
1489 by adimymsg  Snowstorm in Norway by sh-fotodesign 1487 by adimymsg
<da:thumb id="429422841"/> border... by PlutonII Bycycle by CeNiNiCe
NO U Turn by ZiaulKareem  summer afternoon walk by torobala Bench-0225 by ggrranpa
Cricket field by TheWyvernGuyLife between the Exit signs by DRIVINGYOU Image 1043 by Mag1cMushroom
you light the way by michellis13 Memory of Beautiful Summer Days by wchild Night at the gallery by pavboq
WU by focusgallery Kkkkk by kivisami Scary hospital by mjagiellicz
springtime morning in the city by piximi Dinner for None by Dapicture Dark Firenze by klapouch
A Beautiful Chill by kkart  Another Day Has Begun by piximi  the willow tree by Katoman
black hole sun by arbebuk   Red Dawn by MikkoLagerstedt after the dark by arbebuk
Memory by Philomena-Famulok @Coffee Bar by Jay-Jusuf enchanted world of Antoinette by malenka740715
way to heaven by arbebuk Tow Points by ashamandour trees - houses by photoport
Flatiron Building by xMEGALOPOLISx SP4 by neverblind Hong Kong by xMEGALOPOLISx
4 Dsc8092 by dmitryzhkov thesis. by gloeckchen Kira by kazarinakristina
Sunrise overture pt.X. by realityDream Before the sisters by Dee-T Forgotten Place by LG77
...panorama of sarajevo... by roblfc1892 shibuya crossing at night by ChristianRudat AM by Iantzy

For Lovers of Street Photography:

The Elite Elect #84

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 12, 2014, 1:32 PM

"The Elite Elect #84"
If you`re into or ever fancied having a go at Street Photography
then head on over and join The Yard
They are kickstarting 2014 by re-introducing their Monthly challenges,
the first of which is "Reflections"
View and  submit your entries here:


Can u luv me again? by kazarinakristina
Draped by qb-photographer DSC1730 by GianPaoloGalasi 
Ole Reliance by mewantsbekungfoo57 by 3SidesPhotoDesign  ...siena I... by roblfc1892
50's by emregurten Buddy by alexgphoto 1400 by adimymsg
Wordless giant by Lumpy2 Afghanistan by melkejal melting point by CaveCanem42
5 DSC2398 boy by dmitryzhkov The Dying Ways - Conversations by fuxs 4 DSC6316smiling by dmitryzhkov
street_115 by pivan <da:thumb id="425123929"/> Street by erdemkoltukcu
Begining of winter in Gdansk by piXelRider 11 by mmataya point of intersection by pigarot
The passing by by Lexelena Walking Through Grand Central by Wiredhand Fearless by oToupeira
Autumn Fairy by pavboq Kurk Mantolu Madonna by arslanalp Streets of Istanbul by Apolic
Visitor by Bojkovski  Royal Library Copenhagen 2 by razokadam Streamline by Sigurd-Quast 
   rust never sleeps by 3SidesPhotoDesign Tilted Lines by CherishKay ..old and retired.. by sameerbelly  
Proportrait v.42 by Serrgeon Ioana 13 by BloodyPentagram Sofia by myraincheck
Player(s) by Marinshe  Escape by Destroth Alla by Tars1s
Villa Weigang Goetheallee - Dresden by Torsten-Hufsky 863 by Nigrita On the edge of a Wine Glass by Draken413o
 Smoke on the Water by catch---22 railways by adrian-robert A serpent in the canyon by Dee-T
The Journey Continues by Oer-Wout Crete Senesi/Tuscany by JPawlak The gully by RezzanATAKOL
 Dash of Pink by Draken413o 074 by Serg-D Christmas in New York by Torsten-Hufsky
rain of light II by morettina Greeting the sun by jup3nep Untitled by jonniedee
 Dsc6960 by dmitryzhkov Strangers in love by siddhartha19 5 DSC2875stranger by dmitryzhkov
Cracow by DanielMyszkowski 'a bird' by mojebory On time by DrumsOfWar

Sunrise overture pt.IX. by realityDream New Town by rdalpes Golden by slickwilly182
080 by Serg-D The shire by RobinHalioua Rays Of Luck by jkrab

For Lovers of Street Photography:

The Elite Elect #83

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 9:00 AM

"The Elite Elect #83"

A little pause by KarmensPhotos
Instant 2789 by SUDOR the earth is heavy II by CookmePancakes Pause by Aixchel
Wide Open Spaces by Draken413o Inner Ion by Draken413o <da:thumb id="407440656"/>
Stairway to Heaven by LinsenSchuss The Rainbow Panorama by KaastrupDK Straight to hell by RafalMateja
The Dying Ways - Decadence by fuxs untitled 2013-07-02 by wchild Exit . Right by MARX77
<da:thumb id="407106030"/> tired mind by WARTIS the protest 17 by pstoev
Patience Is A Virtue by MikeShawPhotographyAa-19 by eaofficial  Reflections by TheFatbuda
:: dreamer by noahsamuelmosko Mating Ritual by DougNZ A Tribute to Laziness by chrisalien
Sweety by SofiaLupul 780 by Nigrita Georgia by xeneras
Child With Glasses by TheFatbuda Little beauty by byq88 Her Benny Hill Impression by SandraJolly
Gasoline Days by Hecatonchires-00 hawk's eye view by fahrmboy The flaming circle of our days by ArthurBlue
Autumn under Plesivica hill by Febo-theRealOne Morgennebel by BaalZebob Blown Away II by FramedByNature
Stort Canal by georgewjohnson Autumnal evening by m-eralp Sunrise overture pt.VI. by realityDream
Autumn at Five Lakes by DMMDesign Levitation by Dee-T Old Times by Nelleke
0650 by foto-duet Excavator by EmmmBeee Civita di Bagnoregio by AlexGutkin
A Fading Moment by bliXX-a *** by YuriChief Dancer by BelcyrPiotr
dancing house by BelcyrPiotr Wreck by Kleemass Safe by Kleemass
Reading on the L by jonniedee <da:thumb id="402290062"/> Portrait Of The Child by TheFatbuda
Ballinasloe Horse Fair 8 by PicTd <da:thumb id="404875892"/> Untitled26 by oliverman
Sassolungo by Panomenal Desert Oasis by scwl San Gimignano view by AlexGutkin

For Lovers of Street Photography:

The Elite Elect #82

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 15, 2013, 12:28 PM

"The Elite Elect #82"
*** by Tarasov
   Fractured Worlds by Inebriantia Boo by klapouch Wooly Dawn by OutbackReality
     Big question by endegor  P I A N O by AndrewToPhotography Up into the light by da-phil
omen by InPluvia Postcard from NY 17 by JACAC Farvergade, Copenhagen. by Skevlar Boo by hayleyonfire
performers by osinsh Arf Arf Arf by DRIVINGYOU Instant 267 by SUDOR
00514 by NunoFigueira 4 DSC1019perehod by dmitryzhkov London City Hall by Nightline
Two wagons and three cranes by Jbuth  DSF0196-Edit by tbd1 kite runner by MustafaDedeogLu
The Castle Grounds by Wayman Simple by Redanshy ...sibenik VIII... by roblfc1892
on time by CreativitytoLife last days of duty by Totsch Porsche 356 A T1 1956 by alexisgoure
A Photograph for The Skybridge by hootalex Lola 06 by BoFeng Road to nowhere by Dark-Raptor
A light beneath by Dee-T St Ives at Dawn by georgewjohnson Wastwater by newcastlemale
 Rusting memories by Bojkovski Moss Forest by Nitrok Golden Gate, reflection by alierturk
The church by CharmingPhotography Peacefulness by Nichofsky Le chateau vert by rdalpes

The torments of Time by passion-aesthete Lost under the surface by PatiMakowska Sacre Coeur by klapouch
Ann by vanillapearl First taste by kazarinakristina Magnolia I by DariaPitak
 In transit by Phoenixstamatis i have an impression i am still in medieval age :) by ateist-kleranty Fostercare by Fassod
North Yorkshire Moors Railway (Hogwarts Express) by YorkshireSam Tyndrum by SebastianKraus

For Lovers of Street Photography:

The Elite Elect #81

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 17, 2013, 11:55 AM

"The Elite Elect #81"
What a nervous pain in the friggin arse to edit,organise and do a neat Journal now.
I`d cut down on them anyway this past few months,think there`ll be even less of them now

Assembly Line by Corvidae65 
Walking lightly by SebastianKraus From Dust To The Beyond by SvenMueller Stone In My Hand by SebastianKraus
meeting by Zadokshmuel Image 406 by Mag1cMushroom Mother by DRIVINGYOU
Tales from the Golden Era II by AlecsPS Spirit Unbroken by Alvirdimus Veronica by Leona-Snow
Windy day (Arch IV) by endegorUntitled by nonentity80  Halt demon! by lomatic
Under the blue sun by AbandonedZone Ghosts of the gallery by Bojkovski sacrum by PatiMakowska spell of time by PatiMakowska
thunderstorm by vampire-zombie End Of The Day 2 by Gphoto Liquid sunshine IV by GretaTu
Sabrina by Seysha1 Image 444 by Mag1cMushroom Mists by MD-Arts
street_84 by pivan emotion by MartaSyrko 00258 by NunoFigueira
 JS 1 by Capjo Nils Labadie Photographs - 472 by SUDOR Instant 65 by SUDOR
News Study by sandas04 I'm still here by lamentingperson Moonshine by sandas04
Long walk by peatcher Wallets And Gromit by MJ-SHOOTS-PEOPLE Untitled by michaelaresphoto
<da:thumb id="392893831"/> Sometimes one is enough... by Dark-Raptor
Morgan by S-Nia Freedom? by Redanshy Creamy Dreamy by Wuidsaucrawler089
138 by munhani  Untitled by Tran-Xuan-Mai the protest 1 by pstoev
<da:thumb id="339995991"/> In a fire by SizkaS The Red Tram by PortraitOfaLife
Fantasy Forest by Dzodan Night workers by RezzanATAKOL Taksim, Taxi's and Teargas by Treamus
I want to ride my... by AbandonedZone Bedside StorieS by MRBee30 .... ..                 .. .... by Frozen-photo
    Palau de les Arts Valencia 02 by Nightline Abysms by paikan07 The Businessmen by Bojkovski
The Gate by Bojkovski Giant's Causeway by Klarens-photography Hamburg by OliverJules
   Kingdom by RobinHalioua Tasmania's Other Shed by CapturingTheNight Graig Goch Dam by CharmingPhotography
0641 by foto-duet 0639 by foto-duet Way of the Wizard by Oer-Wout
 Austrian Pines by JeRoenMurreDistrict of Discworld by PatiMakowska The Golden Night by inObrAS
Closing Time by anchovie191242 by adimymsg Tiny desTiny by ideoda
The Traveler by Val-Faustino bike by MartaSyrko The hard choise by hellonata
after dark1 by LonelyPierot Beggar in Front of YaYa's by jonniedee Orthodox Easter by bogdanpetrovan  Zoe by 0Gutter-Glitter

CANON on the march by inObrAS Look over there by deepgrounduk A Trainstation In Berlin ~ by K-O-R-N
Spring sunlight on Roseberry Topping by YorkshireSam

For Lovers of Street Photography:

The Elite Elect #80 - Published

Journal Entry: Sun May 26, 2013, 3:35 PM

"The Elite Elect #80" - Published
Good few months since I did a journal feature,almost forgot how to do the damn thing :ohmygod:
Got a shot of mine published in this months "Digital Photo" magazine here in the UK,out few days ago.
You can check my wares on page 35,an exterior shot of "The Natural History Museum" in London.

Digital Photo June 2013 by JonnyGoodboy

A long overdue feature anyway,continues...enjoy!

Image by Dactiloscopist
the passenger by ZerberuZ Dalek by ZerberuZ Rhythm and Meter by endegor
Untitled by AlinaSoloviova The Photographer by Daizy-M satiated. by Senju-HiMe
missing pages by AlicjaRodzik Basked Head by Remixerok Young reader by StamatisGR
snow by DenisGoncharov Russia 90-x aftermath by vishstudio Song from a Secret Garden by vanillapearl
rainy and lonely by Bomb-Creator HTZ by BobRock99 365DAYSPROJECT 65 by LucienWittwer
Seance by gabyba33 Istanbul 2013 by onurkorkmaz  173 by celilsezer
A glas of wine by sandas04 172 by celilsezer Black Friday by sandas04
The Bahamas by geonebieridze harran. by toobeshSuccumbed to Life by RezzanATAKOL
Chicago Snow Storm 4 by kilroyart warm promenade by thepiesong Autilla3 by clalepa
In shoes. by nskayerz Alina in cold time by NataliaCiobanu :thumb364290419:
Far from the metropolis by PatiMakowska Beauty.full Winter Time by PatiMakowska Theatre des Reines The Hive by Bestarns
Russian Tzar by Dzodan Neotropolis by Draken413o Old Gentle by aBoUDii
Futuristic City by Fersy 206 by p-walczak Berlin - central station by Modi1985
Our Camel Lovely Camel by almesri Classified by Corvidae65 Tales from the Golden Era by AlecsPS
Trotternish by mibreit Other Things 04 by JACAC This Land Of Mine by MikeShawPhotography
84 Peterson by jonniedee Triangeln by Nightline Mobile Standoff by siddhartha19
Girl and Dad by sandas04 Insomnia** by klajoklis Radiance In The Breeze by astra888
Celebrate by catch---22 231 by EirikHavre WALK by K-E-I-T
Katholische Hofkirche by klapouch Monorail by mdomaradzki Saint-Petersburg Special Oldies 6 by caie143
Mr.Gangsta by writeris Platform 2B by BorjaPascual steam locomotive at Riga station by fly10
Psychedelic Skies ( Chemtrails Over San Diego ) by timothylgreen Here comes the Sun by DanielHeydecke 008 by Serg-D
Cribau, Snowdon, Snowdonia by Alex37 Jedrzejow Abbey by Grim-Jester House by the wayside by oro-elui

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The Elite Elect #79

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 4, 2013, 12:01 PM

"The Elite Elect #79"

thylane by patronussun
'' by henriko94
Loneliness by Vannilaby Tell me a story... by RadekDemjan No Ordinary Love II by Amanda-Diaz
Guillemins by Christel1975 red slide by wroquephotography Tam. by Nesaaa
Braut by Julia-Sikira Man's best friend by slatkatajna Interference by Pete1987
New York City - Times Square by Torsten-Hufsky Space Travel by Phoenixstamatis Foggy Times Square by Matthias-Haker
Speicherstadt by Matthias-Haker Sturgeon Bay Canal North Pierhead Light by tfavretto Sunset Reflections by Matthias-Haker
Check In by focusgallery couple by vladinarium A New Begining by wreck-photography
Place of the meeting by Dzodan The purple dusk of twilight time by DRIVINGYOU Off To Work by deepgrounduk
181089 279231088840768 1954493826 N by KacaMagda Jack and Hobbes by WildWinyan Railway station by jericho1405
:thumb328228189: 414 by mektup Ines Agostinho by franciscamariaa
:thumb349165836: In my dreams by BlackMacro Sincerity by StephArt09
The waiting room by pavboq :thumb344151334: Walking in Winter Smoke by sandas04
Revolving Door by blink-click Speedy on the Street by drifterManifesto Street Workshop for Pigeons by NunoCanha
156 by celilsezer sleepwalking by pariah87 contrast by eschultz
Untitled by lucasz2005 Untitled by joetlchan In the Moonlight by Val-Faustino
Lal by GeorgeHarrison Untitled by joetlchan New York City - Federal Hall National Memorial by Torsten-Hufsky
Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Scie by ZeEnigMa Lisbon 25 by JACAC The girl in the rain by tomazon
Leadenhall Market by wmandra Untitled by vladinarium Havezate Mensinge by Oer-Wout
Reine by jonpacker Millenium Baltics - HDRi by Wayman Snowdon by Alex37
Coire Faoin by TobiasRichter Calm River by Stridsberg Quiraing by TobiasRichter
159 by celilsezer

For Lovers of Street Photography:
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The Elite Elect #78

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 4, 2013, 11:47 AM

"The Elite Elect #78"
Extra chunky month long in the waiting & making edition.
4 days in the mix already,but would like to wish everyone who checks in here the very best in 2013,
in what ever respect or aspect you desire or aim for!
Seeing you there!

0609 by foto-duet
IMG_0942 by Parasenak T I M E . S Q U A R E by k-tones
Badshahi Masjid - inside view II by ahmedwkhan Cold as ice by CharmingPhotography new york no.3 by herbstkind
Tube by KornelFlint All Alone by mordicat12 141 by celilsezer
Bayfront by rh89 Long Time Ago by Rawangtak Winter walks by wchild Urban Regeneration! by onurkorkmaz
Storm 4 by saturnine-zero A girl by cedeimante Zeda by EmilySoto Balerina III by mocanubogdan
Of Myth and Legends by GMCPhotographics cold morning sun by arbebuk The Pond by Tomoji-ized
And it's winter here .. NYC by ZQPhotography Tribute to Firefighters by Corvidae65 The pursuit by Northstar76
149 by celilsezer TheStreetFaceOff by Vlad-Off-kru The Money Transfer / From Royalty to royalties by NunoCanha
Eve by NunoCanha Nils Labadie Photographs - 312 by SUDOR 146 by celilsezer
Download (Scent) by NunoCanha Time by onurkorkmaz Modes by Vermontster
:thumb345111906: Chips by KornelFlint The Opposite by NunoCanha
:thumb346120329: 542 by intelkuritsa Untitled 00001 by wchild
Boring by panosozi Alisa by AnnShakti ballerina by meyrembulucek
The ferry boat by sandas04 FORD by SushiDesigns Magirus Deutz by cahilus
HafenCity by cahilus Spirits of Prozna street in Warsaw by Lantret Lower Broadway by PatrickMonnier
The cooler by Vlad-Off-kru Ami by davesten TheMall by focusgallery
the devil s gonna get ya by inviseble-emotions ***** by AlexanderNasa Love is blind by Elanor90
around Venice 4 by pstoev Explorations Dicembre 11 2012 by LuGiais :thumb340335381:
Autumn in Switzerland by RobinHalioua Sunset train by Vitaloverdose Nils Labadie Photographs - 331 by SUDOR

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The Elite Elect #77

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 5, 2012, 3:31 PM

"The Elite Elect #77"

repentance by amosbeck
Sound of silence by jeremi12 Luca. by HellAngelBaby Saski. by HellAngelBaby
Sad family by PatrickMonnier Can't change my heart by Elfvingphotography No monster underneath my bed by Tombata
finally we found our way! by rainbowithoutcolors Kilchurn Castle by SebastianKraus Eye Wonder by Nattygrego
Lone Skater by ScottJWyatt  1512 by scottsmith17 :thumb340242233:
waiting  for the night by monikha :thumb340241992: Me against you by Tombata
around Venice 2 by pstoev Winter Waves... by Wayman U jesenski dan by rafinerija
:thumb341000633: The streets of Paris by CutieSky Street Photography BW 244 by sagi-k
Charlston by Vlad-Off-kru (*) by Vermontster Quartier Latin - 20 by SUDOR
......... by IlonaShevchishina Mary by AlexanderLoginov :thumb339258175:
Frary Peak in Snow by tourofnature StandAlone by DennisChunga dart in the fog by AmericanMuscle
The Dark Hedges I by Matthias-Haker Industrial Pollution by WojciechDziadosz Man of a forest by tadzio89
52 Vanderbilt Avenue by Torsten-Hufsky Dancing in the Fog by bee-eye :thumb340321398:
Long Coats and Bus Stops by jonniedee Ernesto Mies by clalepa sTr by estellamestella
seem by MustafaDedeogLu Reflections by Gork82 Zaragoza ::1 by MisterKey
Remnants of History by CharmingPhotography Raluca by nairafee cicegi burnunda by MistyTableau
Surreal by Lidija-Lolic island mist... by craigletourneau :thumb339249465:


A solo feature and Big welcome back to DA to Simone!
She`s been away for around 4 years,she`s all HQ,she`s back,enjoy and check her out!

Dead Lonely by simonebyrne Mangrove Moods by simonebyrne Colour My Reflection by simonebyrne
Sullen Skies by simonebyrne Phoenix Rising by simonebyrne Turbulent by simonebyrne

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The Elite Elect #76

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 18, 2012, 1:03 PM

"The Elite Elect #76"

I would like to be out by Vlad-Off-kru
Floriade II - Venlo by ThomasHabets behind the doors by ozozen Princess Returns Home by Draken413o
:thumb337279674: Dark Paradise by asfolk Walkin Zone by Draken413o
:thumb336582700: TO READ READ READ by blueanto Beyond our Dimension by RobertoBertero
Winter expectations by CharmingPhotography Sunset by Janawr The Exhalted Halls of History by Firebloom
Stairwell by IndependentlyConceal Dark Gotham by GVA Leadenhall Market by georgewjohnson
Mater and River Boy by wchild when Children  Cry by sundeepsu1988 The magic of lake Bled by Febo-theRealOne
the last expected by nurtanrioven Rural Moments.1 by sagefille20 :thumb333338210:
Lost by spotcatch :thumb326032622: welcome to the spaceship by Fersy
Playing under the tower by megamello The rainy Park by Vlad-Off-kru London (black and white) by Jopetard
Chicago CLXXIV by DanielJButler Untitled by Vermontster :thumb336403000:
Classical by Queen-Kitty Lass III by charleshildreth What's Shakin? by Queen-Kitty
Horse traders V by vulezvrk Taylor by EmilySoto Horse traders III by vulezvrk
Dark and light by Vikarus Ninka by MaryaS  Getting Sun II by jonniedee
daily life by BelcyrPiotr 8:14 by cameraflou Urban Living by Rawangtak
Under the Bridge VI by mdomaradzki St. Paul`s by MroQoo waterfall 1 by CharmingPhotography
-Dumb witness of being- by Janek-Sedlar

For Lovers of Street Photography:
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  • Playing: MD3

The Elite Elect #75

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2012, 12:45 PM

"The Elite Elect #75"

Turn of Mind by Firebloom
285 by serkant Little Girl by xAgNO3x the tongue inside my mouth is not for sale by chriseastmids
Machine Gun II by Jbuth zero_point_one_eight_two by OskarAlfons Matrix by Draken413o
the photographer by michellis13 hypostatize by NWunseen Kristina by agapovd
monkey business by radicszoltan na by radicszoltan monkey business 2 by radicszoltan
Old boy II by Vlad-Off-kru Montmartre in October - 21 by SUDOR One cent more by Vlad-Off-kru
Louvre 1 by slashero Voyage by Peyo77380 Haydarpasa III by leventste
Grey Day In London by nwelsaturay Flames by cedrus Falling down by cosmin-m
Up and Above by VerticalDubai c!lock by Fersy Rocket Launch 1 by Nightline
Old shoes by AbandonedZone Tufa Sunset by o0oLUXo0o L O S T by burningmonk
Fading Sky by xAgNO3x The ephemeral lands of fire. by landscapes-flake A Henge Beneath the Stars by Dee-T
:thumb334061430: Autumn Fields by RobinHalioua Full of autumn by Bojkovski
London ::2 by MisterKey 5397 by TomWasilewski People Passing By by Pajunen
112 by Bela01 Elena eating blackberries by EyeOfBoa Alt-Tegel Berlin Brunowplatz infrared by MichiLauke
Lochan na h-Achlaise by SebastianKraus
Arch of Constantine and Colosseum by crh


And a B-i-g thanks to these DA friends for their wonderful Birthday dedications to me too!!

Postcard from Berlin 21 by JACAC :thumb335472195:
:iconjacac: :iconwildwinyan:
Spring in istanbul by RezzanATAKOL Universe in a glass of rain by Nataly1st Reflecting time by EricForFriends
:iconrezzanatakol:  :iconnataly1st: :iconericforfriends:
Magic fall2 by malaladanila Sweet Wishes by mj-magic
:iconmalaladanila:  :iconmj-magic:

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The Elite Elect #74 - Thanks Brother John

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 18, 2012, 10:18 AM

An open Huge thank you first to my brother from across the pond,the always awesome gentleman
that is John Corvidae ,for being the generous friend he is and recently gifting me
a new sub to DA...thank you Pal,you are a humble,solid and true friend to me!
If you haven`t had the pleasure yet,please indulge in some of John`s classy portfolio right now

The Organ by Corvidae65 To Have A Pure Memory by Corvidae65 I Tried My Soul by Corvidae65
The Importance of Blue by Corvidae65
Grand Teton National Park by Corvidae65


"The Elite Elect #74"
Loup of Fintry by SebastianKraus
Arrows Down by VerticalDubai eye for an eye by chriseastmids Tower Descent by Spyder-art
this is forever by preThing Empty world by DianaGrigore Dance 2 by adimymsg
:thumb331519640: Let the magic in by DarkVenusPersephonae :thumb329946322:
:thumb330147761: The Streets of Paris by MaryJ-Photography :thumb330137119:
Beginning by batmantoo Impression 2002 by SUDOR bustling by ladyjane55
Instant 190 by SUDOR Postcard from Berlin 16 by JACAC with grandmas by ladyjane55
No more heroes - no more lies by adimymsg :thumb330017815: p-5 by Zuziensk
Insomnia by adimymsg :thumb331155618: asi by weroz62
Wide road by radocrane123 :thumb331651458: Country Road by blink-click
In the depths of october by Zhen-Yang :thumb328063947: In the depths of october 2 by Zhen-Yang
My Curse by JustinDeRosa Land of Eora by andyp89 Pure by Capturing-the-Light
A Spiritual Sunset by Jacob-Routzahn Cathedral by benjamin-charles Secret Hideaway by Handie
Morning in the park by JosivBG Early Autumn by RobinHalioua Legend of the fall by chavez666
In the yards of St. Petersburg by palana77 Dreaming of London by AspiringImages SIN CITY STATION by MartenD
0585 by foto-duet The dark alley by kimerajam 0587 by foto-duet
wagon z koksem by BreathOfIndustry the net by m-lucia .27. by anamariaBlue
Yaremchuk by JaneGod my niece 14/10/2012 (5) by Simon120188 :thumb284476777:
All alone... by Giovanny11 Kitsune4 by RraYaara :thumb329744505:
Muskhil Badi Tu hai Kaha by kayjensen r e n d e z v o u s 2 by Val-Faustino no name by aleksesss
Last hurrah by mpdman
Panoramic view of Snowdonia by Geater

the :giggle: shot
Magnum Size by myraincheck

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The Elite Elect #73

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 27, 2012, 1:29 PM

"The Elite Elect #73"

adagio by kevinsaintgrey
Thea by Pixel-Spotlight Vagabond by BenDiAnna The Look by PatrickMonnier
M.D. Escher II by mdomaradzki Wish You Were Here by Corvidae65 Quincy Market by ashamandour
In Between Red Lines by Draken413o Walking through thoughts by siddhartha19 Gray by Dzodan
adam II by PatrickWally Killers Are Quiet by vulezvrk Cop in anxiety by mariashooter
The bridge and the fisherman by kouchix around the streets 1 by pstoev Same Street by cahilus
one_nine_one by OskarAlfons Damnation by AriCaFoix milano stazione centrale 2 by roa006
Golden water by rhythmscape Nia is looking 4 by pstoev :thumb328069854:
Good Luck by kemal-kamil-akca in the light 3 by zznzz eyes by MartaSyrko
in the city by evenliu 0580 by foto-duet 0584 by foto-duet
The lighted boats by LinsenSchuss Vertical Horizon Photobook page 64 by romainjl Industrial area. by Arigulla
Sacred Land by Stuzal The icy Rheinfall by LinsenSchuss Beauty Has Smiled by Thinking-Silence
Fagaras IV by kantzorf Old watermill by Bojkovski Snaefellsness by Annabelle-Chabert
Morning Lights by DeingeL Fallout in Fall by Thinking-Silence Himalayas glory by YannosGATO
lil green by mj-magic softly by WildWinyan Autumn walk by Northstar76
WaterFog by JuliesToe wind by MartaSyrko IMBUE by K-E-I-T
Future by MarcelHieber religion by MartaSyrko :thumb325434512:
301 by AmeliaPhotography 568585 by aleksandra88 The little mermaid by artviveslidia
Fresh air by BillyRWebb Frost and Fire by Dee-T Kelli's Panorama by BillyRWebb
:thumb328209921: Antwerp 360 by TobiasRichter :thumb327101841:
Lough Tay by LinsenSchuss An Autumn Dawn by Dee-T The Ridge by Alex37
organized jumble by ravivarma

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The Elite Elect #72

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 19, 2012, 12:20 PM

"The Elite Elect #72"
Haven`t managed to fit in my regular journals this summer unfortunately,this one`s 5 weeks behind,
still,enjoy the HQ ahead folks!

Aaron by Firebloom
Train Station by FCGalatasaray Van Gogh Alive - XLV by Suppi-lu-liuma Oriel Llandudno by Louitrilobite
Fire by Ganjalvi Caught in the Middle by mdomaradzki
16 by ivanova-dasha  Cognitive Dissonance by JeanFan :thumb318760714:
Saint-Exupery II by Evilien Urban Shadows by TheBrain89  Saint-Exupery I by Evilien
Pressure by NunoCanha S E E T H R O U G H by burningmonk Paris by Nusikaa
Daily Life - 64 Peek by bLuesounet a matter of patience by veftenie Streetify: Bus ride by tzaj
:thumb314081987: Kendall as a baby by TheGuyTy :thumb290310488:
Venice - Part 7 by jpgmn DSC_16195 by jOuey- Endless by Deere
Inside the Queen Victoria Building by mdomaradzki 187 by Serg-D fahrenheit 451 by bracketting94
Stay awhile by MasochisticHeartache I see U by Elfvingphotography Place i wanna live in.. by ZYXik
Loader s01 by R-K-Photography At work by Leo-SA Night story by Leo-SA
Sergey, the old wanderer by Leo-SA Awa by AnnShakti Marta by Slairea
lusan by lwc71 Metallic by MangoMochiii When the evening comes by vbagiatis
Berlin Dom by sebastianwuttke Lofotens... _51_ by my-shots  I'd look, too ... by smallcraig1606
:thumb316237848: The way Home by Oer-Wout :: At a coffee shop .. :: by HarisDrako
:thumb314648677: Aled Isaf Reservoir 4 by CharmingPhotography Krakow panorama II by crh

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The Elite Elect #71

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 9, 2012, 10:35 AM

"The Elite Elect #71"

Beauty of the mind by Elfvingphotography
Waiting by betilsart Cross the Line (Arch II) by endegor Red Dress by ShellyBad
Hong Kong ICC by romainjl Bigpi by cihanyum 0574 by foto-duet untitled by eschultz
Instant 94 by SUDOR :thumb307375645: Tongues by Dionisic
Anticipation by LyraWhite busy by ncavee waiting, waiting by kittysyellowjacket
Glances by wchild the truth about sightseeing by koqu :thumb311977715:
:thumb310147416: Haiku by PoisonedHamster When you wish... by CromarK
El hombre en el parque by CarlosRedondoPhoto Train Station by fhrei Cold winter morning in Paris by charlomer
:thumb303445427: Black Silo by chilouX The Gateway by Nightline
Frankfurt a.M. a thousand times by Regadenzia New York's storm by Inside-Montpellier Some Square in New York by chris29
Miklousiceva by IooPa Sounds like a fucking melody by fuxs Sunset at the lake by Ditzechick
645 by W1nDkh Together by Cinnamomo 646 by W1nDkh
Crater Life by LeashaHooker Langdale Valley by Mohain Precious Moments by MaximeCourty
:thumb309814893: The critical step. by paparazipolymorphism :thumb311018702:
Sunshine in the Shade by Val-Faustino  london underground by cheechwizard Searching For The Right Door by roodpa
Union Station by Jinrishijinribi Streets of Silesia by RafalBigda Feelin' Blue by VerticalDubai
Time to... by endegor LEH by ideoda Actress by Daizy-M
she is waiting for you by NataliaCiobanu Decision at Sundown by DianaGrigore Fairy dreams by leelloor
wings are unfolding by mj-magic Forest Of Denial by jonniedee The Offering by AimishBoy

the :giggle: shot
Oops! by Y4why

the :wtf: shot

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The Elite Elect #70 - 50mm 1.4

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 9, 2012, 4:14 PM

"The Elite Elect #70"

Anyone got any experience with a screwed up 50mm prime?
My nifty fifty 50mm F 1.4 recently decided to pack up and stop focusing.
I love this bloody lens and only had it two years,it gets some fantastic shots when it plays ball.
I did some research online and apparently this problem is common with this particular lens.
I`ll probably have to send it away to see if it can get a Jim`ll fix it.
If anyone has done that,share me  a quote please or let me know if you fixed it yourself somehow.
Cheers!...some shots...

The Lone Gunman by AimishBoy
Hongkong street by upshala Glass Alley by roodpa :thumb302645797:
lonely streets by alibektas :thumb300523727: Swirl by littlemewhatever :thumb301645737:
Huetteldorf II by Zouberi one_one_six by OskarAlfons Return of the Hero by gilderic
82 by celilsezer iphone proof and disbeliever by Y4why In the tram by sandas04
Rainy Day X by iDie Street in Prague 2 by dzuzepe Foggy Communication by gilderic
Black Circus by MyBlackPrince  Lights and Shadows by TheDarkness90978 Barcelona 1/8 by sonnyPLAY
one does not simply listen, they feel. by ThePurpleRosex Stille by The--Pessimist Fell On Black Days II by paulisa
Native Spiders by hahahanz Drive by BonaFideChimp a travers le temps VI by HammettLady
Derelict by AbandonedZone Red Raining Hood by nomoniker Chai a Vin - 2 by Makavelie
Return to Elakala by LAlight the only sound is my own heartbeat by LordLJCornellPhotos Cote d'Albatre by TobiasRichter
The Night by W1nDkh The Connection by jonniedee Go black. by Lileinaya
Essay Dresden 6 by matze-end Sunken but still floating by Draken413o sugarloaf point lighthouse by spacepig3000
546456 by aleksandra88 As It FadeS by MRBee30  Last Night in Erebo by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS
Your Own by solefield Le journal - Block DCXXV by bwiti Redneck Truck by foureyes
On The Rocks by dsnider Panorama from Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE) by w3rw01f :thumb300315103:

the :giggle: shot
paris5 by AncaCernoschi

the kinky :giggle: shot
bridal lingerie by myraincheck

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The Elite Elect #69

Journal Entry: Sun May 6, 2012, 3:31 PM

"The Elite Elect #69"

High Five by Sadie-ink
1824 by urg Waiting on a friend 2 by daliscar Iris by Metal-Bender
ICONIC TOWERS by geolio ...praha XVIII... by roblfc1892 Sao Paulo Sign - tilt-shifted by infazz
A Birds Eye View Above Manhattan by Matthias-Haker In The Blue Heart of the Atom by gilderic Greetings from Planet Coruscant by VerticalDubai
Winter paranoia 29 by zedka The Boy who lived by Shreyas-Panambur Hong Kong crossing by romainjl
64 by celilsezer :thumb299531756: Street#30 by nickkaur
Landungsbruecken by mar1anm :thumb298005181:
Resuscitation by Capturing-the-Light PULSE TimeLapse by geolio You will never be alone by SoulsOfEarth
Connemara scenery by Mustang79 Bay Flow by dsnider Heddal stave-church by HansHaram
dinner by Art-de-Viant face by MartaSyrko Feed me.... by JENU89
Chicago Lights by IsacGoulart Field Commander II by writeris 0496 by foto-duet
:thumb299007986: i miss you... by BaxiaArt Untitled#2 by AlexandruCrisan
Greetings from Planet Bespin by VerticalDubai Snowy London by hotonpictures Architectual III by Dridon

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The Elite Elect #68

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 12:06 PM

"The Elite Elect #68"

Anyone interested in a Nikon D90?...Pay my DA pal Len a Visit »»»…
The rich posh bugger has upgraded and his selling his reet now!

Kick ass images from the past choices,enjoy!


Silhouettes by ArisHorizon
The Organ by Corvidae65 Going up ... by JACAC Grand Designs by roodpa
Laura in a sleeping world by pedraxas I Stand Alone I by Paolajn watching by Batsceba
Paris under the snow (modified) by Quarosify The Long Commute II by streetphotomelb Nils Photographs - 197 by SUDOR
.. by MustafaDedeogLu The face of shock by Holybasil The gate by aniaw
NY by amassaf Chicago Blues by IsacGoulart Times Square by PortraitOfaLife
She glows by streetphotomelb At Home On The Street Mono by GaryTaffinder Le journal - Block DLVI by bwiti
Along the way by Grooveinjector House of my Dreams by failingjune Opposing Worlds by NicolasAlexanderOtto
0511 by foto-duet Serpentine by andreimogan 0509 by foto-duet
Simpler Things by IvanAndreevich Diogenes XXI by inObrAS breaking dawn by arbebuk
The Lady by Slairea Brand new world by Holybasil wed by Hudyakov
Palais by focusgallery Dusit by majed-albahiti St. Borromeo by focusgallery
the early bird by JoanasLichtpoesie The Hidden Heart by CecilyAndreuArtwork World Of Sleepers by MaaykeKlaver
Love you.. Light by AlicjaRodzik :thumb295609411: Make this go on forever by decideophobia

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The Elite Elect #67

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2012, 2:50 PM

"The Elite Elect #67"
A journal that is 6 weeks overdue,so I`ve had a heap more pics to sift through to round this one down to a manageable viewing size.
This is also overdue,I`m through my illness from the first 2 months of the year and my hearing cleared up and is back 100% too :phew:
I`ve also been back into shooting for the past 6 weeks or so and that felt so damn good,was very rusty after having not shot a dicky bird in 4-5 months previously.
I`ll start submitting some of my own stuff soon, now I`m building my vault back up again

I simply adore this first photo,definately one of those ...I wish I had taken...!
Enjoy #67 anyway...on with it!

Nice talk by sandas04
Forget-you-not... by KateRodrigues Reflections of Tubingen 2 by Creative--Dragon Old american car by ilford75
Heavenly Decent by Creative--Dragon S+U-Bhf. Pankow III by iDie Looking by Deere
No.7289 by anaka220382 The road by DianaCretu Smoke by Tomoji-ized
Nightmare on the VENICE street by bashx3r0 Caramel Swirl by Draken413o ...zagreb XVI... by roblfc1892
The Lady in Red: The Elevator - Zurich by LouisRafael Good perspectives by panfoto Rouge by shinius
pep by Zuziensk .. by MustafaDedeogLu 0244 by kanechka
Memories of Dalmatia XXIV by Michela-Riva 455 by novakovsky Lamps by daliscar
The Miracle of Life by vwake Go With The Flow by dsnider run run run by MartaSyrko
tomorrow never comes  II. by arbebuk Road Trippin II by GaiusNefarious land of the lost II. by arbebuk
Calling From the Trees by Corvidae65 Phan Thiet - Viet Nam by hoangnamphoto Jabberwocky by MatthewNixon
A Window To My World by jonniedee Not everything is black and white by sietske-78 Shadows of the Old Summers by wchild
no title by samiliam citylights by Fersy A night to forget by Julie-de-Waroquier
the sun will never shine by arbebuk love is forever by mj-magic Redneck Truck by foureyes
Husky by Elizabethdraco Le journal - Block DXL by bwiti you come to light... by ildiko-neer
He's Looking At You Kid by batmantoo

the :giggle: shot
just laughter by xparadisex

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The Elite Elect #66

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 19, 2012, 12:49 PM

"The Elite Elect #66

Nostalgia by kubost
:thumb285718889: Friday Morning On The Road by TheOrangeTiger Outlook by Baher-Amin
Equilibria by Sllyvain The Curious by Mantraya Burj Khalifa by GAJC
night of Hong Kong by evenliu Diving into deep light by Dee-T city of night #02 by evenliu
Winter Walk by Chris-Lamprianidis 88 by muratpulat Urban Traveller by sensorfleck
Tunnel view Manhattan by Tomoji-ized :thumb285272850: Joy by juliusjulius
foggy day 3 by moonhasmotels